Waar Full Movie Download | Shaan shahid as retired army officer


The Waar ( means Strike )  movie was released in 2013.It is an action-thriller film. Shaan Shahid is doing the leading role as a retired Major. Ayesha Khan is working with Shaan Shahid as an Intelligence officer. This movie is based on some real life incidents including the attack on police training academy and the war on terror in Pakistan. Hamza ...

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New Pakistani movies list | Record Breaking pakistani latest movies 2016

pakistani movies 2016

Are you interested in knowing about new Pakistani movies list in 2016 that we are eagerly waiting to see? In this post, you will uncover all the information and answers to your queries relevantly.Ever since Pakistan film industry has reinvented itself the value of their movies has increased a lot. They came to know how to target their audiences. Pakistani latest ...

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